About Our Company

Ninedezine offers a broad range of creative services including: New product development, modification of existing products and visual communications. Our industry experience ranges from communication products, consumer electronics, consumer products, sporting equipment, computers, and office products. Designers are involved with a project from the initial strategic and conceptual design through to the detailed implementation of production, integrating the essential aspects of business factors, human factors, and technical factors identified by the client and design team. The goal of Ninedezine is to provide clients with design that works for their particular needs and objectives.

How We Work

We are a team of creative professionals based in Los Angeles, working together,
with you, to turn your ideas into an adventure.

We start by figuring out the best way to bring your ideas to life in the most creative, logical way possible.

We’ll help map your projects journey from creation to completion, through creative ideas, research and client collaboration.

Everything we design for our clients is tailor made, created for you using years of industry experience.

We ensure your project communicates with your audience, using every last pixel to focus on delivering the right messages.

Using all our research, ideas and creativity, this is where we bring designs alive and start making things move.

We’ll lead the development process using the right tools and some of the best people in the industry.


“We enjoy the finer details of a project, considering every stage of its journey from planning to completion. We work with some amazing clients who are based either locally or across the Globe, from start-ups to international brands. Our projects not only look great, they use the right tools that work for you and with your success comes ours. We make sure to apply the same level of thought, care and attention to every project as if it were our own.”