October 24, 2016 / Branding, Design /

Branding isn’t just about a new logo, colors or photography themes—it’s a business decision. Leaders who initiate and lead branding engagements intuitively know the benefits of a strong brand—for employees, it establishes shared purpose, telegraphs the company’s culture and instills pride. Externally, a strong brand builds reputation, creates differentiation and facilitates expansion into new markets, categories and geographies.

Importance of Graphics in Corporate Presentations

May 2, 2016 / Branding, Design /
The Importance of Graphics in Corporate Presentations

When it comes to your corporate presentation, which is more important? The visuals or the content of that presentation? The truth is that they are equally important. Having nice graphics in your presentation will help to keep your audience engaged. We’ve all sat in those meetings where the presentation is nothing but slide after slide of text. It gets boring very, very quickly. Here are some of the reasons you should include nice graphics in your corporate presentations:

Secretes and hints on better email marketing

April 25, 2016 / Branding, Design /

Email marketing is not a new marketing tactic for lead generation and capturing new business. It has, however, changed. Some of the old laws of email marketing no longer apply.

Here is a list of the new secrets to a successful email marketing campaign:

1. 80.8% of users are accessing their email on mobile devices. Does your email program have the ability to convert your formatted email campaign to mobile?
2. “Secrets” is the most clicked on lead nurturing subject line word (see title of this post).

Revised Facebook logo

July 1, 2015 / Branding, Design /

Overall, the design is far more rounded, and a whole heap more friendly. There’s slightly less weight, aided by slightly more contrast, which makes the logotype less aggressive. It is far less corporate, in the ironic manner in which many web-era corporate logos are less corporate.

The ‘f’ appears to have the slightest of tweaks to its outer curve, but is otherwise unchanged. That is almost certainly a practical choice, given that modifying the ‘f’ would mean updating the familiar ‘f’ in a blue square logomark that is scattered across the Web.
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Clippers New Logo

June 27, 2015 / Branding, Design /

Terrible logo but great video!