Secretes and hints on better email marketing

April 25, 2016 / Branding, Design /

Email marketing is not a new marketing tactic for lead generation and capturing new business. It has, however, changed. Some of the old laws of email marketing no longer apply.

Here is a list of the new secrets to a successful email marketing campaign:

1. 80.8% of users are accessing their email on mobile devices. Does your email program have the ability to convert your formatted email campaign to mobile?
2. “Secrets” is the most clicked on lead nurturing subject line word (see title of this post).

3. “Posts” and “Jobs” are the most clicked subject line words.
4. Click-through rate (CTR) is higher when you use the recipients’s first name in the subject line over using no name at all.
5. CTR is higher when using the recipient’s company name in the subject line over no company name at all.
6. 88% prefer to use receive HTML formatted emails, while only 12% prefer plain text emails.
7. 65% prefer emails that contain mostly images, while only 35% prefer text only.
8. Your most recent subscribers are the most likely to click through (so give them a reason to subscribe wherever possible)!
9. Saturday has the highest CTR at 9% – that’s right, Saturday!
10. Sunday is the second highest CTR at just under 9%. Shocking!
11. Most unsubscriptions, 0.52%, happen on a Tuesday.
12. “Click Here” buttons see the most action over clicks on “Go” or “Submit” buttons.
13. The metric to follow is your click-through rate (CTR), not your email open rate.
14. On average, the CTR is 2.1% according to MailChimp.


Be original and get creative. Email marketing is still a very powerful tool for capturing new business leads and measurable ROI.

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