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For nearly five years, NineDezine acted as Akana’s exclusive design partner, working every design problem they could throw at us. From banking to politics to automotive, data security is a constant topic of conversation, as evolving technologies present new and different challenges and businesses continue to look for best practices and authority on the topic of mobile security. 

Akana, which specializes in API security, approached NineDezine to help take the thought leadership piece they authored and help make it consumable. 

Creative Services

This thought leadership piece is one of our favorite Akana projects. Data can be difficult to digest, and NineDezine has made a specialty of working with data-driven companies to help deliver insights and make the data simple to digest and actionable. Using clean layouts and bold graphics, NineDezine is able to help take a complicated topic and create snackable pieces of content that make complicated data easier to consume and easily sharable though paid, owned, and earned media.

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