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Brand Identity + Merchandizing


PROJECT DETAILS: With professional hockey poised to deliver Las Vegas it’s first major league professional sports franchise,

NineDezine recently accepted the call to competition and developed a Name and Brand for the NHL expansion team that would be located in Sin City. This gave us a great opportunity to demonstrate our mission – that a great process can inform great design. Here are the results of our process:

Brand Strategy & Identity

NICKNAME: The Las Vegas Black Jacks:, named after the Black-tailed jackrabbit, an American desert hare most common in the western US. The Black Jack has long, powerful legs – obviously, a trait that would be desirable among hockey players. As a bonus, there’s the obvious tie-in with the most desirable hand in the world’s most widely played casino game.

COLORS: Blue and silver. “Lucky Blue” comes directly from the Nevada state flag. “Strike-it-rich Silver” refers to Nevada’s history of silver mining, lending Nevada the nickname, The Silver State.

LOGO: The primary logo combines the serious-looking hare with the Black Jacks’ word mark. Within the word mark, the “J” in Jack is transformed into a hockey stick. On either side of the J are the “K” next to a diamond and an “A” with a club in the negative space – a King and Ace, which create the hand Black Jack. Finally, King and Ace would also be the nicknames of the two costumed characters that run through the stands firing t-shirt cannons and distracting people from watching the actual game.

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