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Communication Strategy

Tranzlogic is a data-driven financial services company that specializes in helping small-and-medium-sized businesses turn transaction data into actionable insight.

The Challenge

When Tranzlogic approached us, they had a great business plan and product, but no visual identity and no communications strategy. They also had a bifurcated audience, trying to reach both merchants as well as Independent Service Operators selling B2B services.

Our Approach

First, we took Tranzlogic through the NineDezine brand design process and delivered tech-infused identity that would speak to the financial services community as well as SMBs. Based on that process, we developed a simple tagline and concise talking points to launch their services into the market. Next, we designed and built a leading-edge website that would help the brand stand out.

The Results

Finally, NineDezine took those talking points and taglines and applied them to a comprehensive promotional campaign through paid, owned, and earned channels, launching the business to both B2B and B2C markets.

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